UAB Aika Dovanos Company is a promising and professional wholesale trade and service provider. It may be also called an expert - it is in the market since 1992. Its excellent results are obvious and are constant over sixteen years already. The aim of the company is to meet the requirements of a growing society and a wholesale trade in goods of various types. In order to expand its trade scale the company established a new company "Aika" for wholesale trade purposes.

We are not standing still and we are trying to improve on our achievements every day. We are constantly analysing the market, making surveys and researches. Also we are learning from trade of international companies, making use of their experience and aiming to the highest quality service. For convenience of our clients we have opened wholesale shops in various cities.

The personnel consists of both young and very qualified and experienced specialists, thus the work is not only fun but it's easy as well. The dynamic collective ensures a harmonious environment. Personnel fluctuation is minimal and it means that it is safe and good to be with us.


  • To work hard to ensure a wide assortment of goods.
  • To delight customers in ever-changing shopping list.
  • To ensure the highest quality.
  • To remain honest and reliable in the competitive market.
  • To employ flexible discount systems.

To cooperate with us or receive exclusive offers, please contact us at info@aika.lt or call us on +370 41 440191